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Welcome to LittleMachines.com, home of O2M, the easiest way to transfer Windows Outlook Mail, Calendar, and Contacts to your Mac.

About O2M

O2M is the easiest way to move your Windows Outlook email, contacts, and calendar appointments from your PC to your OS X Macintosh computer! Just fire up O2M on your Windows PC, pick the Outlook folders you want to export, choose the filtering options you want to use, and click Start -- O2M does the rest, automatically exporting your Outlook data into portable files you can import directly into your Apple Mail, Address Book, iCal, Microsoft Entourage, or other Macintosh-compatible programs. Back up all of your PC's email and email attachments to your Apple! Copy your Outlook contacts from work to home and vice-versa! Migrate all of your calendar appointments from your old PC to your new Mac! The possibilities are endless!

Ready to run with most versions of 32-bit Microsoft Outlook, O2M lets you choose which Outlook folders to export, and how. Export all of your email and calendar items, or perform incremental exports by telling O2M to only export recent items that fall within a date range you specify. Email attachments can be stripped from emails, saved inside emails, or even saved as detached, stand-alone files -- a great way to move all your Outlook attachments to an archive folder quickly. Best of all, O2M supports industry-standard .mbox, vCard, and iCal file formats, so your exported Outlook data will be ready to import into third-party email, contact, and calendar programs that support these standards.

It's no wonder O2M has been the #1 bestselling Outlook converter since 2002, and a favorite tool used by Apple at its in-store Genius Bars around the world!

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O2M System Requirements

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How to Get O2M

As of 2023, O2M is free. Visit the download page to download the right version for your copy of Windows and Outlook. Then, visit the buy page for instructions on activating the software.

Technical Support

Since O2M is free, technical support is not available.

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