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Little Machines, maker of Outlook2Mac, the #1-bestselling software for migrating Outlook data to a Mac

Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions

These are the Terms of Service ("Terms") governing (1) your use of the Little Machines web site ("Site"), (2) your use of Little Machines's software products ("Software"), and (3) Little Machines's use of your Personally Identifiable Information (PII).

By using the Site, you agree to be bound by the Terms herein; if you do not agree to be bound, or object to part or all of these Terms, please do not access Site, nor use the Software.

Data Collection
Little Machines may collect technical and usage information about you and your computer such as your IP address, browser parameters, and the web pages you visit on the Site in order to better serve you. Little Machines will not collect information about non-Little Machines web sites you visit.

In order to properly process an order for you, or unlock a product for you, Little Machines must ask you for PII information such as your billing address; you agree to supply this information if you want your order processed or your product unlocked.

The Site may contain web links to other web sites which may collect their own data about you; your use of those sites will be governed by their terms of use and privacy policies, which may differ from Little Machine's policy, and you agree to hold Little Machines harmless for the content of, and any data collected by, those other web sites.

Handling, Uses, and Security for Sensitive Data
Little Machines web pages on the Site that collect your billing information are hosted on servers equipped with SSL transport-layer encryption for your privacy. However, when you submit data to the Site, you understand that your data may travel across local, state, national, and international boundaries. Although Little Machines encrypts the data you submit, your data may be stored or scrutinized by Internet Service Providers or other third parties while it is in transit, which is outside of Little Machine's control, and for which you agree to hold Little Machines harmless.

Little Machines works in good faith to follow the credit card data handling rules set forth by the PCI Standards Security Council.

While your data resides on Little Machine's servers, Little Machines stores your PII data in a database on servers protected by host, authentication, authorization, and network controls. Your name, billing address, phone number, email address, and login credentials are all encrypted in the database (and archives of the database) using an industry-standard encryption algorithm. For security, your credit card number and credit card security code are never stored in the Little Machines database, in file caches, or in logs, and when transmitted between Little Machines web pages, the numbers are encrypted both symmetrically and via SSL.

Little Machine's credit card processor may use IP filtering, address checks, and other anti-fraud measures to help prevent fraud, but a criminal who presents your credentials, PII, or credit card data just as you would may be impossible to distinguish from you online; it is also impossible for Little Machines to know the security posture of each customer's personal computer used to access the Site; in consideration thereof, you agree to hold Little Machines harmless in the event that your personal data is stolen, that your data is misused, that your account is accessed without authorization, or that fraud is committed against you by a criminal interacting with the Site or its servers or your computer or your mobile device or your network, regardless of method or cause.

Data Shared With Third Parties
In order to process credit cards, Little Machines must submit your PII data to third parties ("processors") for credit card processing, which you agree to allow, and you agree to hold Little Machines harmless for any action taken by, or misuse or negligence caused by, credit card processors using your data, since they are beyond Little Machine's control. Little Machines will only submit your data via SSL to credit card processors, but you accept that how such processors store or share your data shall not be Little Machine's responsibility, and you agree to hold Little Machines harmless in that regard.

Little Machines will not share your email address or other PII data with any third party except for credit card processors, or if legally compelled by a subpoena, warrant, or court order. Little Machines does not share email addresses or other PII with marketing companies, spammers, or similar entities.

Little Machines may store some information in cookies (temporary files stored on your computer) in order to identify you and your preferences as you navigate through the Site, which is a common practice on the Internet. Little Machines does not store information such as your name, address, or other PII in cookies. Information stored in cookies, if important to Little Machine, is always encrypted using an industry-standard encryption algorithm in order to help protect your data from third parties. Cookies are marked to expire unless you choose to keep your online session active indefinitely. If you choose not to accept cookies in your web browser, some functions on the Site may not function properly for you.

Data Retention
Little Machines reserves the right to retain the information it collects about you indefinitely, except where otherwise noted in this policy, and data retained will be subject to the terms of this policy.

Opting Out
When you submit your billing data directly to Little Machine, we give you the opportunity to opt out of Little Machines marketing email campaigns. If you pay by PayPal, you are opted in automatically. You may choose to opt out at any time in the future by contacting Little Machines via email with your opt-out request.

End-User Software License Agreement
You agree to be bound by the O2M SOFTWARE LICENSE AGREEMENT that accompanies each respective Little Machines Software product that you buy or license. You may view the O2M software license agreement here.

If any section or subsection of this policy or the application thereof to any person or circumstances is held to be legally invalid, the remainder of the policy and the application of such shall not be affected thereby.

In order to maintain a timely privacy policy that best protects you, Little Machines reserves the right to change its privacy policy at any time for any reason without notifying you.

You have the right to update or correct your personal information stored on Little Machines servers with more accurate information at any time; to update your information, please contact Little Machines with the requested change.

California Residents
See the paragraphs above for categories of information we gather about visitors and customers.

We may share the following categories of your personal information with subsidiaries, affiliated companies, subcontractors, service providers, third parties, public or government (including enforcement) authorities, creditors, and successors for our business purposes: government-issued identification card content; purchase histories; website preferences; debit or credit card details; and, contact information such as name, phone number, and email address. As described above, examples of business purposes include sending marketing messages to you, executing payment transactions, delivering products to you, registering your accounts, analyzing your purchasing histories, and maintaining and enhancing our services.

We may share the following categories of your personal information with third parties, subsidiaries, and affiliated companies in a manner that constitutes a “sale” under California law: government-issued identification card content; purchase histories; website preferences; debit or credit card details; and, contact information such as name, phone number, and email address. This information may be shared for the purposes of sending marketing messages, executing payment transactions, registering accounts, analyzing purchasing histories, executing product deliveries to you, and maintaining and enhancing our Services. Note that for the purposes of this paragraph, “sale” refers to any exchange of value, however, while an affiliate may gain value (in the form of knowledge) from analyzing the purchasing habits of customers (therefore constituting a “sale” under California law), Little Machines does not sell your personal information to others for money. Under the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), you have certain rights in regards to your data. To make a CCPA request, please email your query to

Contacting Little Machines
Little Machines may be contacted by mail at 7510 W. Sunset Blvd., Office #534, Los Angeles, CA 90046, or via the contact page on the Little Machines web site.

Updated July 29, 2020


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